Nanotechnology and their application in insect pes


Il y a beaucoup de recherches scientifiques  sur les nano-phéromones dans différents pays du monde? . Ces nano-phéromones permettent une gestion efficace des ravageurs des fruits par des nano-gels de phéromones comme la mouche des fruits, le charançon rouge du palmier et d’autres ravageurs destructeurs des fruits.

There are many product scientist develop on nano-pheromons and also research is continue in different country of world in this technology. This nano-pheromons give efficient management of fruit pests by pheromone nano-gels like fruit fly, red palm weevil and other destructive pest of fruits.

Future prospective

 Scientist are more concern to develop more effective and broad spectrum bio nano-pesticides

 Field level application of nano-pesticides
 Evaluation of nano-matrials for hazardous effects
 Ecofriendly and target specific
 Nano-cides are develop to use in integrated pest management
 Nano-sensor are under developing to longer shelf life of plant
 Nano-cides develop to use as bioactive protection
 Developing Nano-metrological and use this technology in food science
 Easy to use and easy to access to ensure the food security all over the world

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