Evaluation of the efficacy of insecticidal coatings based on teflutrin and  chlorpyrifos against Rhynchophorus ferrugineus

Pugliese Massimo*, Rettori Andrea Alberto***, Martinis Roberto*
**, Al-Rohily Khalid***,Suresh Velate****, Mohamed Ashraf Moideen****, Al-Maashi Ali***
* AgriNewTech srl and University of Torino, Via G. Quarello 15/A, 10135 Turin, Italy ;http://www.agrinewtech.com/en/
** Studio Associato Planta, Via Chiesa 19, 10090 Rosta (TO), Italy ;
*** Saudi Basic Industries Corporation, PO Box 5101, KSA-11422 Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi
Arabia ;
**** Saudi Basic Industries Corporation, Chikkadunnasandra Village, Bangalore-125, India.

BACKGROUND : The date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) is an important economic resource for many nations worldwide, recently threatened by the presence of different insect pests, like the red palm weevil (RPW) Rhynchophorus ferrugineus. 
RESULTS : Two products, a glue (polyvinyl acetate) and an oil (raw linseed oil), have been used as
coatings and applied together with a repellent and two insecticides (teflutrin and chlorpyrifos) at different dosages on 2 species of palm (Phoenix dactylifera and Phoenix canariensis). Phytotoxic
effects of the treatments have been evaluated in greenhouse on 260 potted palms (130 Phoenix
dactylifera and 130 P. canariensis) and no negative effects have been observed. Afterwards, a trial lasting 400 days has been carried out in a nursery located in Sicily (South Italy), treating 572 potted
palm trees (286 P.dactylifera and 286 P. canariensis) with an average diameter at base of 18-20 cm.
After 400 days, 48% of the untreated palms were infested, while only 3% of date palms and 7% of Canary palms treated with insecticide at lower dosages have been infested.
CONCLUSIONS : The application of an insecticide based coating is a good strategy to control and prevent the red palm weevil infestation, in particular on date palms.

Cette approche composite barrière physique,  répulsif et insecticides semble intéressante et avance une rémanence exceptionnellement longue.  Un seul bémol en l’état un des insecticides utilisé  qui est un organophosphoré.  Nous allons par nos relations italiennes prendre contact  avec AGRINEWTECH Turin.

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