Nous avons avec les gestionnaires de cette immense base de données des contacts fréquents et très cordiaux. La  réponse à une interrogation d’une des participantes de la campagne nous rassure  car nous avions quelques craintes de la réaction d’UCLA  à cette avalanche de mono-déclaration.

 Cette réponse est un véritable encouragement à poursuivre et amplifier notre triste comptabilité.



Hi Sylvie,

I am sorry that our figures are doing weird things.  I am sure that the cause is due to the focus on pests instead of weeds (you are the first group to do this) and I suspect that my programmers never quite finished the pest integration (it was added secondarily to the weed system).

I can assure you, though, that everything will be much nicer once we get it on the new system.  I am told that January is the month of the big switch, and I have my fingers crossed that everything will go smoothly.  I apologize, but I won’t be able to fix anything before then.

We are quite happy that we have been able to provide your ambitious group with a tool to help the inventory.  This makes me quite proud!

Happy holidays!


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